2009 BMW 7-Series

2009 BMW 7-Series Caught in the Desert — Or Maybe 2010 5-Series

[Update: We're now 99.9% sure we caught the 2009 7-Series.] [Update 2: Let's go ahead and make that 100%.] Well look what we caught. Levy was headed out to Las Vegas for a bachelor party in a Ford Flex when he came upon a couple partially camo’d BMWs. He called me explaining he’d seen the refreshed 3-Series and the new 5-Series. The same 5-Series that had been caught lapping the ‘Ring a few days back. But then I took a closer look and I’m about 80% sure the car pictured above is in fact the new 7-Series. The first hint is the night vision camera just to the side of the license plate mount. The head lamps look different, too. Other clues are the CS Concept style twin-kidneys which are quite different from the grill seen on the ‘Ring car. You’ll also notice the door handles are above the cut-line — a 7-Series design cue. Also note that the rear-end is almost identical to these spy shots taken in Dubai. The trapezoidal tail pipes, rear lamps and reflective strip above the rear plate (another 7-Series cue) are present. Still, the wing mirrors are exactly the same as the spied 5-Series, which is why we’re hedging our bet. Levy also said that once the BMW crew noticed his manufacturer’s plates, a Euro-plated 3-Series pulled up and obscured the view. More pics after you jump.

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