2010 BMW 3-Series

2010 BMW 335d Spied in the Mojave Desert

[Update: Well... color us embarrassed. Turns out that the 3-Series we spotted is none other than the new 335d -- and the "d" stands for diesel. Our friends at the BimmerFile have rightly pointed out that the small circle behind the rear wheel is in fact an "AdBlue filler cap" for the urea injection system. Stupid us. But that makes the 335d 50-state clean. Which is awesome news if you're into 282 hp, 428 lb-ft of torque twin-turbo oil burners. In fact, you may beable to drive one home come December.] If you missed it, we think we caught the 2009 BMW 7-Series, too. Though it could be the 2010 5-Series. But this car is a heck of a lot easier to identify. You’re looking at the 2010 BMW 335d with just a bit of tape obscuring the refreshed details. Both cars were (probably) hot weather testing out in Death Valley and the crews were headed into Sin City for a bit of R&R. You can see the sill above the tailpipes has more lines across it. The body also seems to have an additional strake below the infamous Kink. The taped tail lights indicate somethings up with them. And we have no idea what that circle behind the rear wheel is. Most of the redo up front involves the air dam which on the current 3-Series has always looked a bit aftermarket. Also note that the wing mirrors now have the de rigueur indicator lights. Not a bad bit of photography for a couple of blokes headed out to a bachelor party. More pics down below.

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