2009 Renault Megane

French Car Mag Raided, Journalist Arrested

There’s so much to admire the French. Over 80% of their power is nuclear, their medical system is free (and works), their food is righteous and those women… But, this is horseshit. French buff book Auto Plus just got raided by the cops. Not for actually breaking the law or anything. But for printing information and pictures of the upcoming 2009 Renault Megane. Now you would think Renault wouldn’t mind, as the outgoing Megane is roundly (and rightly) considered one of the ugliest cars every designed by humans (the Aztek was obviously penned by drunken apes), while the 2009 Megane — set to debut in Paris this fall — is a fairly handsome hatch. But no, Renault is claiming “industrial espionage” and French reporter Bruno Thomas has been arrested. You can find all the depressing details at Carscoop. Say it with me, tres lame.

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