It Has Begun: Powerhouse Amuse Tunes GT-R to 611 Hp

PowerHouse Amuse has turned its tuning mettle to the undeniably lust-worthy GT-R. The company is using their crème de la crème Nissan as a track and show car to demonstrate the parts they offer for the twin-turbo six, including ECU tuning, exhaust, high-flow cat and suspension. They’ve managed to bump the car’s power from the respectable “claimed” 480 stock ponies to an oh-holy-hell 611 horsepower. They’re not divulging all their secrets concerning where the power comes from, or how they hacked the supposedly unhackable ECU, but they are strutting the car’s stuff by lapping Tsukuba in 59 seconds and Fuji in 1minute, 49 seconds. Damn. Jump over for a vid of the beast at work at Fuji, as well as a full gallery of lusworthy photos of PowerHouse Amuse’s handiwork.

[Nihon Car]

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