James Corbett Citroen DS Convertible

Awesome Aussie Car Sculptor: James Corbett

It might shock some of you that I was once pretty involved in the LA art scene. I even co-owned a gallery down in Chinatown. While that was a long┬átime ago, I still have an eye for the stuff. Though honestly (and obviously), most of my aestetic oberservations have to do with four-wheeled hunks of metal. That said, Australian artist James Corbett has my number. He uses parts from cars and creates sculptures. All types of sculptures. Here’s the real nifty part, “James likes to incorporate old and interesting car parts into his sculptures. Nothing is bent into shape; the original integrity of each car part is maintained.” I fully respect and suport that type of art making. Browse the gallery to seem what Mr. Corbett can do. And no, I’m not suddenly pro-Australia because our Car of the Week happens to be a Pontiac G8 (more on that later). Thanks (as always) to Rory for the tip. [James Corbett]

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