Mad Caddy: D3 Cadillac XLR-V

Ah, the perfect super-villain mobile. For those seeking world domination and the ride to do it in, D3 has a stage three kit for the Cadillac XLR-V that puts down more than 600 horsepower — 157 more ponies than stock. With just a few ECU tweaks, a new intake and an easy-breathing exhaust, the lux coupe becomes something truly menacing. And quick. Of course, there’s a good amount of style involved, including a new grille, 19 inch rollers and a set of shiny set of muffler tips. For those out there without diabolical plans, D3 offers stages one and two for cars with lower increments of power. Hey, you know our rule. Mo’ power. Anyone else getting a pretty strong Buick GNX vibe off this guy?  [MotorAuthority]

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