Porsche To Unveil Special Transsyberia Edition Cayenne S

If you have to drive an SUV, it might as well be one with a burbling 405 horsepower V8 under the hood. And a Porsche badge. While we tend to look at the lumbering people haulers as obstacles in the passing lane, the Porsche Cayenne actually manages to transcend the driving death of its truck-based compatriots and be something truly fun to drive. What’s more, it’s got a racing history behind it as stout as any of the other beasts in Porsche’s stable thanks largely to the Trans Siberia Rally. We’ve covered the race off and on, and the Cayenne tends to nail almost every slot in the top 10 year in, year out. To celebrate, Porsche is rolling out a special edition version of the SUV with a quicker ratio final drive, special color combinations, skid plates, spoiler and a light bar! Whoo doggies! If we’re going to go banging around in the dirt, it better be in a beater. Or in the plush comfort of someone else’s Cayenne. [Autoblog]

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