6-Wheeled Kart

Dr. Kevorkian Built My Hot Rod: 6-Wheeled Yamaha R1 Powered Kart

You work hard all week. And come the weekend, you’re down to play even harder. There’s nothing better than blowing off a little steam via some manly, agressive hoonage. But everything is just so safe these days! Slow, too. Lambos are for girls, and that KTM X-Bow is a yawn-machine. You were almost ready to starting riding your Ducati blind folded and backwards, then along came this. That’s right friend,  we found the perfect toy for you! This here Kart has 1,000 cubic-centimeters of Yamaha R1 motor (180 hp), six wheels and a Vance & Hines pipe. Oh, and those four rear wheels are all driven. There’s a lot of stuff we could say about this little sucker, but the owner probably knows best, “THIS KART IS BEING SOLD AS A MECHANICAL WORK OF ART, I DO NOT SUGGEST THAT ANYONE RIDE THIS KART, BUT IT DEFINITELY WORKS AS YOU WOULD EXPECT, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT MAY RESULT FROM DRIVING THIS. THIS IS A SERIOUS MACHINE.” Dude, like seriously. [Found on eBay Motors]

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