Dang: Mugen Honda Civic Type RR

So, if Si means fast and Type R means more fast, Type RR must mean super crazy fast. And it does. Mugen has let loose an uber rare version of the Civic Type R, and instead of going through the hassle of coming up with an all-new name for the car, they simply slapped another R on the badge. We can’t blame them. It looks like they were too busy tweaking the rest of the car, boosting power and ditching weight wherever they could. The company is only releasing 300 of these ballistic missiles to the public, and NihonCar got the chance to have their way with one. Horsepower gets a bump of about 15 over stock to 240 and torque nudges just 3 lb-ft over stock at 218, but the car’s more rigid suspension and weight savings make for a much quicker car all around. Mugen managed to pull a full 33 lbs off of this car — good, but why not lose the back seats? Jump over for a look at NihonCar’s full review. Or, jump and watch the video. [NihonCar]

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