Fiendish Legend: Homemade Countach

You already know we’re big fans of the kind of crazy that says “Hey, I could build one of those.” You may remember the kid who cranked out a hand-built Ariel Atom before heading off to college. It’s true that guy deserves some serious respect, but that little project pales in comparison to Ken Imhoff’s home-brewed Countach replica. This guy cranked the bugger out in his basement — the one without a garage. It took him ten years to fab everything from the space frame to the body panels, and he managed to get his mitts on a genuine article at some point for precise measurements. It only took the guy 10 years, but once the 351-powered beastie was complete, he hired a contractor to dig down, cut a hole in the wall and skidded the car up an incline. If that’s not Fiendish, we give up. [Source: Jalopnik]

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