Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Jeremy Clarkson Ties Chrysler Sebring to the Iraq War

As much as I dislike (most) hardtop convertibles, I like the Chysler Sebring even less. It’s simply not a good car and one of the many reasons why Chrysler’s in so much trouble, and I imagine a folding hardtop version is about as bad as cars get. And — according to Top Gear’s top man Jeremy Clarkson — I’m right. He hates the Sebring, and pulls even fewer punches than normal. “Automotive horror story.” “It had been 120 miles of abject misery.” “That doesn’t cover it. It looks terrible. Hysterically awful. Anyone thinking of drawing up a list of the ugliest cars ever made will be forced to put this one at the top. I have seen more attractive boils.” I can’t fundamentally disagree with any of that. And rather than just hating the poor dumb Chrysler, Jezza explains that it is, like all other American cars, so awful because Americans have no sense of history. When we think a bar that’s been open since 1956 is old, we cannot envision next week. Therefore why build anything that’s going to last? And why think a war through? “And this brings me on to the war in Iraq. They went in there, knowing that pretty quickly they could depose Saddam Hussein. But nobody in power stopped for a moment to think about what might happen next… The insurgency problem in Baghdad and the wonky gearlever on the Chrysler Sebring. They are both caused by exactly the same thing.” Hmmm. An interesting theory, save for that fact that A) the British car industry is actually dead because they managed to build worse, shorter-lasting cars than America B) Britain dropped trou and dove just as naked into Baghdad as we did. Well OK — Basra. [Source: Times Online]

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