24 Hours of LeMons

Picture of the Late Afternoon: LeMons Shark

As you may know, I was judging the inaugural 24 Hours of LeMons in Houston over the weekend. And riding around in an Enzo! But seriously, I was mostly judging LeMons and handing out punishment. And as soon as I catch up on my online poker addiction sleep I’ll go through my photos and post some Best of Texas Lemons moments. Until then, here’s a shot from my new pal Clay of Team VIP (Very Important Peasants) of him and their intimidating road racer. Yup, it’s some vintage BMW 528 with around 350,000 miles on it and one hell of a paint job. Team VIP wound up a very respectable 22nd (out of 75 or so cars) and would have finished higher if they hadn’t collected a LeMons record six black flags on Sunday. I had to stick ‘em on their trailer with an hour to go in the race. Harsh, as they schleped all the way out from Los Angeles to race, but as four blacks gets you out of the race, quite fair. One of the black flags had something to do with Clay making a “possibly obscene gesture” at an official (he adamantly denies doing so). As someone who has raced LeMons and seen his team hurt by unnecessary flags, I sorta hope he did! Update: That might be Clay’s teammate — not Clay. Update #2: That’s Clay.

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