Porsche/VW Collaboration Closer To Reality

We’ve mused more than a few times on a new shared platform developed by VW and Porsche and also shared with redheaded stepchild Audi. It looks like those dreams may become a reality faster than we thought possible, with Porsche saying that a vehicle proposal will be submitted within a few short weeks. Now the only question is, will the “entry-level” Porsche be a 914 (like I hope and pray), a 928 (like Lieberman dreams about), a small hatch or yet another tiny SUV? To be honest, it’s hard to put money on one horse or the other right now, especially considering the sudden uprising of pint-sized utes. Here’s hoping that company in-fighting and depressing market trends don’t taint what could be a great vehicle. MotorAuthority has a pretty fantastic rendering of what a Porsche hatch could look like, but we just can’t pass up an opportunity to throw a 914 on the screen. [Source: MotorAuthority]

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