Ford F150 SVT


Kidding. Looks like Ford sent everyone in the auto bloggo a brown wrapped package marked “CONFIDENTIAL.” Inside was the video the new F150 SVT (maybe called “Raptor”) you will find below the jump. Neat PR stunt and two to three hundred times better than the death by a thousand cuts new Mustang “reveal.” Ahem. According to Autoblog, different outlets got different versions of the video. All five (I think I’ve sen five) are shot from a helicopter and show a black, camo’d F150 screaming across sand at about 80 mph. Fun, fun! For instance, the vid we’re using from YouTube (‘cos we couldn’t actually figure out how to upload ours) features the type of tune you’d hear playing at a Psytrance party just before the Ambien/Adderall/Red Bull cocktails kick in. The Autoblog iteration’s soundtrack reminds me of when the SEALs were about to storm Alcatraz in The Rock.┬áThen you got Jalopnik’s… the music doesn’t play (Gawker hosts their own video), but the new SVT is going over some seriously rugged looking back country and seriously high speeds. We like. But you which part we like the most? That rumors of SVT’s demise have been greatly exagerated. I mean, it’s been a poorly guarded secret that both the Shelby GT500 and Bullitt actually rolled out of SVT’s skunkwerks. Still, good to the see moniker being trumpeted about. One more thing and this is kinda exclusive but Ford’s supposedly letting Tanner Foust behind the wheel, and he’s only talking to us about it.

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