Driver’s Republic Pits GT-R Against GT2

In the twisted realm that is the automotive world, 2008 will be remembered for many things. American titans groveling for help, the death of many a beloved publication and the birth of the Nissan/Porsche rivalry. Driver’s Republic has set out to discover just which is faster—the Nissan GT-R or its most favored prey, the Porsche GT2. And they did it at the fabled Nurburgring, which is coincidentally the epicenter of the challenge set forth by the Japanese and refuted by the Germans. Can the GT-R lay down a miracle 7:24? Is it faster than the Kaiser Porsche? According to Driver’s Republic, no. Both cars were tested on the same day, in the same conditions. This will undoubtedly put a smile on Porsche’s face. We still want to see Porsche put its best up against all Nissan has to offer. Hop over to DR to read the full piece. [Source: DR]

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