First Alfa Romeo 8C Delivered in United States

The lost tribe of Alfisti have been wandering in the desert for nearly fifteen years now; it’s been that long since a new Alfa Romeo was delivered to an American customer. After more than a decade and a half of desperate mechanical improvisations to keep their soft-tail Spyders, 164s, and possibly even old Milanos on the road, these long-suffering men and women are finally getting the chance to purchase brand-new, affordable Alfas. Just kidding! The first eighty Alfas to arrive in this country are actually the high-dollar, Ferrari-powered 8C luxury coupe, and the first one to be delivered was sold to a man for whom even the Ferrari Enzo was a little too, shall we say, common. More details after the jump. [Source: VeloceToday]

Ferrari super-collector Jim Glickhaus, known worldwide as the man who commissioned the Pininfarina P4/5, is the first American 8C owner. Naturally, however, he didn’t want to be just one of the literally dozens of 8C owners in this country. How droll! So he convinced Alfa to paint his 8C the same color as his Enzo-based Pininfarina special. As the perpetrator of a similar stunt, I have to thoroughly approve. Glickhaus took delivery of his car in a special ceremony complete with a scenic fifteen-mile drive through the surrounding area. After the delivery was completed, Mr. G left and the dealership threw the doors open for two other lesser customers to slink in and take delivery of their standard-colored 8Cs. For some beautiful photos and a couple close-ups of the new 8C, check out VeloceToday.

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