Fool’s Gold: Lada Fiat 124

This is a chance to own a piece of real historic crap. This is a Canadian-sold, Lada-produced version of Fiat’s immensely successful Fiat 124. Much like the Kalashnikov assault rifle, the Fiat 124 is an indestructible piece of machinery that has been produced and sold all over the third world. In the 124′s case, it was manufactured under license in Russia, Spain, Turkey, India, Bulgaria, and even Korea. Another time I’ll write about my experiences running the East/West German border in a Fiat 124. Suffice it to say, it’s unusual to see a Lada over here in the US, when they were on sale, America had some, erm, issues with the Soviet Union. But it did sell (or at least, was offered for sale) in Canada, and this one migrated to the U.S. Considering the $1290 price tag and the seller’s claim of a recent engine and transmission rebuild, I’d say it’s a reasonable buy for a total turd. [eBay Motors]

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