Lumma Design CLR X 650

Once Again: Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650

Sometimes we journalists scratch on our heads. Like, back in July we ran a story about the BMW CLR X 650 by Lumma Design. But according to our friends at Motor Authority (we actully made friends with them — hi Sid!) Lumma Design is about to release the… CLR X 650. Right, so, I’m confused. You probably want to know what the CLR X 650 is. Back in the day, we thought it was just a body kit that makes the X6 about two inches wider and several inches lower. And green. But according to the new news, there are engine mods as well. A new ECU for the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 and a “dress-up kit.” We’re not really sure we want to know about the dress-up kit. But we do want to know about the extra power. Sadly, there’s zero info. We can do a little deductive reasoning — the “base” X6 sDrive50i makes 407 hp. The chipped Lumma Design car would make more. We so funny. We also thought the CLR X 650 would be sticking its snout out in Paris in October. Turns out Lumma’s been saving it for the Essen show later this month. All’s fair in love and war and aftermarket tuners. And yes, we’re confused too. [Source: Motor Authority]

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