SEMA Hangover: World’s Most Menacing Third-Gen Camaro

“Say what? That’s just a dirty old F-body Z28. My cousin Julian in Sea Bright’s got one, and his is an IROC! So yeah, I see the shiny wheels, the big wing (which has to be good for at least¬†30 hp, right?) and the orange skunk stripes — but so what? I’m telling you, Julian’s Camaro can kick this car’s ass and pull more tail. Like I said — it’s an IROC.” We invite you and every one of your cousins to make the jump.

See kid, what your cousin Julian’s IROC doesn’t¬†have is a twin-turbo 1,750 horsepower 572 cubic-inch V8 that automatically begins pumping race fuel above 870 hp. Have another look:

There’s an entire night’s worth of Andrew Dice Clay and mullet jokes I’m leaving on the table, but holy cannoli — how do you say “sleeper” in a Jersey accent? [More info: Nelson Racing Engines]

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