Fool’s Gold: Renault Extravaganza On eBay Motors

There are weeks when there is no Renault eye candy on eBay Motors. This tragedy could be remedied if Renault decided to enter the American market again, but things being as they are I think the closest we’re going to get is the interesting-as-socks Nissan Versa. This week, however, is much different. There is a virtual cornucopia of French rides on eBay Motors, all of which are ripe for the insane (and insanely wealthy) enthusiast. Jump and read all about the nutty cars, including the Renault Alpine pictured above.

–A beautifully restored 1970 Renault 10 – rear engine, rear wheel drive sedan. A good value at $8,000.

–Our old friend, the 1983 Renault LeCar (featured in “You Can’t Spell LeCrapbox Without LeCar”). Price has gone up from the original silly $4500 asking to a truly strung-out $5300.

–A pretty ratty Renault R12 station wagon. Very neat car though, and despite being front wheel drive the engine is longitudinally mounted (like in a modern Audi). And it’s cheap.

–1959 Renault Dauphine. The original clown car. Rear engine, comic book proportions. Parts are readily available.

–1980 Renault Alpine A110 – the gorgeous mid-engined sports car that nearly killed Jeremy Clarkson. This one is in nice shape and is touted as having a “Fleishmann” upgrade. All that means to me is margarine. The $25,000 price may be market value (or may not) but it’s still whacked out.

–A 1959 Renault 4CV. As the intended replacement for the Dauphine, this is more or less the Renault VW Beetle. Rear engine, 28 horsepower, four doors (the front ones are suicide doors!). The French nicknamed it “La motte de beurre,” which means “lump of butter.

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