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NBC Fumbles: Top Gear USA Heading to Cable

That’s hopefully moving to cable. If I knew anything about this journalism biz, three weeks ago you would have read, “Dude claiming to be Top Gear producer mentions USA show destined for cable between bumming smokes and chatting up my fiancée at bar-b-q.” But alas, mice, men, etc. Here’s today’s story. The new Knight Rider was one of the lousiest shows in history. No question. From the first episode (where a Ford Edge kept up with KITT on a curvaceous road) to the last one I hear about (when KITT morphed into an F150) the show has been little more than bad product placement and (somehow) worse acting. And NBC is apparently nervous that all car-related shows suck on the tender bits found beneath male donkeys. Makes sense to me. Also, to do Top Gear  right it’s going to cost one arm/two legs and everybody’s broke right now. Anyhow, Top Gear is now shopping the American version of it’s very funny show around to cable outlets where Adam, What’s His Face and Tanner’s filthy dirty potty mouths will be more at home. Here’s hoping. [Source: Top Gear begat Autoblog begat Jalopnik]

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