24 Hours of LeMons

Behold: The First Official Bribe of the 2009 LeMons Season

24 Hours of LeMons

Yup, you’re looking at it. The first bribe of 2009 took place last Friday, January 9, at the most delicious Oinkster in Eagle Rock, CA. That credit car belongs to a menber of Team Unknown Fluids. He bought me a 1/4 chicken, slaw, french fries (with their killer roasted  garlic aioli)  and a pint of Stone Pale Ale. The great part is that according to their puny plan, the 633CSi won’t be seeing action until the Buttonwill Histrionics in August. That’s over eight months ahead of time. These guys must be planning on cheatin’ up a storm. I mean, I was told this was the first of more bribes, and they haven’t even bothered to buy Judge Martin lunch. Yet. Says my better half, “Unless I get something from them pretty soon, they’re getting 633 laps.” But who is the person with such a guilty conscious about his massively contraband cheater bucket race car that he felt the need to bribe half the LeMons Supreme Court six races in advance?

The Oinkster

The location of the bribe. Seriously, if you live in LA, it’s just off the 134. It rocks. Pastrami to die for, french fires that will stop your heart, etc. 

24 Hours of LeMons

That’s me, walking in the door. Hungry, and ready for a tasty bribe. I have no idea where my wig and robe are, either. 


Oh yeah, me and the myserty man studying the menu intently.  Sadly, I wasn’t very hungry and actually opted for one of the cheaper things on the menu. Stupid me! And yes, I eat 1/4 chickens when I’m not hungry.

24 Hours of LeMons

That’s a terrible looking man (me) holding the order number. 11, apparently.

24 Hours of LeMons

Mmmm. Hoppy beer. And roasted garlic aioli. But yeah, worst spy photographer ever. I guess we’ll have to wait until further bribes to find out this dude’s identity… Thanks to Spying McSpyspy for the spy photos.

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