Brightwork: Ken Steacy

Good Book: Brightwork

We really oughts do more book reviews around here. That said, check out what my lovely, talented, cute, sexy, smart and basically perfect fiancée got me for Hanukkah — Brightwork: Classic American Car Ornamentation by Ken Steacy. Short on words and long on photos of blingy hood ornaments, horn buttons, emblems and script, Mr. Steacy’s book is a must have for the comprehensive. automotive geek (i.e. you). Let me tell you why: a few months ago some friends of mine had trouble with a rental car. Chevy Impala. Flat tire. Rental car company would not send a new car because it was after 10:00 pm and they didn’t purchase insurance. Needless to say, they were upset at having to ride around on a donut so they decided to make themselves feel better by removing the Impala emblems from said car. They used a hotel room key to accomplish the task (even the glue was weak) and naturally, the chrome looking emblems were nothing but plastic. Not so in Brightwork. In fact, after a page or two you realize that essentially any American hood ornament from the 40s or 50s has more character, style and presence than all the current crop of domestic cars put together. It’s mind blowing. And definitely worth picking up.

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