Mark III Saga: Bath Time

Sunday in this neck of the woods (da South) was that kind of perfect winter day that helps to remind you all of the cold, rainy nastiness associated with East Coast cold months will eventually come to an end. It was sunny, a balmy 70 degrees and perfect for all things automotive. I’d thought about shooting up to the tail of the dragon for a little Sunday morning hoonage, but the likelihood of salt/sand/gravel lurking in shadowy apexes shot that out of my mind. Instead, I took the time to wash the majority of the fleet, including the 50 acres of sheet metal on the Mark III. Washing this car is kind of like giving a 400 pound sow a bubble bath – cumbersome, frustrating and in the end, it’s still a pig. Back when I was struggling with the infamous no-start issue, a few folks asked for a gallery of the car. Take a look at the gussied-up rig, rust, faded clear coat and all. I would have included a few shots of the interior, but the sky clouded over and opened up as I was snapping these shots. Figures. Now I just have to figure out why the windshield leaks…

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