Chevy El Camino SS

Picture of the Day: El Camino in Japan

Told you it’s SUV day. My dad loved the Japanese. No, he’d never been to Japan. Nor could he speak a word of Japanese. He wouldn’t even eat Sushi (thought it was a vector for food born illnesses). But every now and again he’d come across an article about a group of Japanese businessmen that would dress up as CHP bike cops and ride around Toyko on 1970s highway patrol correct Harleys. This is mentioned because you’re looking at a photo from the Mooneyes Second Annual El Camino Nationals. It took place back in Yokohama back in 2005 but I have a feeling the 2008 photos would look the same (yup, they do). By my figuring, Mr. Morizawa’s Best Unmodified ’68-’69 ride is a 1969 Chevy El Camino SS with an absolutely bitchin’ landau roof. Probably has a 396 under the hood, too. Double damn, man. 

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