24 Hours of LeMons: Highway 17 Penalty

Thunderhill LeMons: The Dreaded Highway 17 Penalty

24 Hours of LeMons: Highway 17 Penalty

Warning: If you’ve never lived in the California Bay Area this post will not be as raucously funny to you as it is to us. Sorry.  Between the bloated bedroom community of San Jose and the marijuana/hippie/prostitute camp known as Santa Cruz stretches Highway 17. A very scenic road to be sure, but one filled with the most stoned out, up for 3 days on ecstasy and just getting back from the psy-trance rave drivers you’ve ever encountered. How else can you explain a 30 mile long 4-lane divided highway that takes 45 minutes to drive? Having full and complete knowledge of this fact, the guys behind LeMons have a very special penalty. Alternately known as Follow the Bus, the Highway 17 Penalty is to be avoided at all costs. And you can trust me on this, as the Black Metal V8olvo got it when I was driving at the last Altamont race. The way it worked in previous races was the bus would go out on the track for 5 laps and the offending bad driver would have to follow it. But, as there was a black flag every other lap (actually, more…) at Arse-Freeze-Apalooza it was decided that taking the speed and rollcage-free VW onto the track would result in grievous harm. So, we decided to crank up the humiliation factor…

Instead of going on the track, the Bus would loop the paddock with the offending car in question following behind. Not only that, but the rest of the team would have to sit in the back of the back of the bus and huck lemons (until we ran out and then oranges) at their own car. This would bring shame and improve driving! And Nick Pon rigged it so that the Bus blasted reggae as it slowly rolled by. And not just regular awful reggae, but the really terrible dance hall crap. It was brutal. Oh, and the speed limit in the pits is 10 mph. Though there’s some debate as to whether or not the Bus can go that fast. I say no. As for the video, I was initially going to take the Bus out to penalize the bad team, but when Chief-Perp Jay Lamm found out who it was, he insisted on personally driving. Go figure…

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