Video: Autoquad St Ferdinand: Canucks Say LeMons Is For Pussies

I’ve been sitting back and watching with great amusement as the stories from Arse-Freeze-Apalooza have unraveled here on Autofiends. I’m kicking myself for not taking up Jay and Jonny’s invite to hang out and even jump in a seat for some of the race. And judging by some of the videos and discussions that are still ongoing, you all had a great time. But, it seems that our kissing cousins up north have potentially one-upped the LeMons with their Autoquad St Ferdinand. The equipment looks similar but they are racing in the dirt, with jumps, rubbing is most certainly racing and it looks like at the end they have some kind of requirement to make the crap heaps burst into flame. Our bet too is that rather than do battle Forum Boy style with words and videos, they probably throw down properly in the pits after the race to settle any “disputes.” Tipster Connor, who brought this to our attention, is suggesting maybe a “LeMonte Carlo” stage rally as return fire. What do you think, Jay? Video after the jump…


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