24 Hours of LeMons

Video: Thunderhill LeMons: Oldest Trick in the Book

As we’ve learned over the course of the past week, the Sharks’s Clay Bush is one whiney beyotch. Hey look, bad drivers happen, but no need to crow about it. Though, Clay’s 60-second profanity drum solo is pretty epic. I’m going to to you all a story that I told every team that came up to complain to me about how poorly another team was driving. When I was 10-years-old or so I was in karate. I was just standing there on the edge of the mat when some other kid jumped and kicked me in the head. Flying side kick was the name of the move. Down I went. “Mr. Ichikawa! Mr. Ichikawa!” I cried. “Bobby kicked me in the head for no reason.” Mr. Ichikawa nodded at me and snapped, “Bobby! 100 pushups for kicking Jonny in the head. Jonny! 200 pushups for tattling on Bobby.” I’m not exactly sure what the lesson is, but it shut the Thunderhill whiners right up. After the jump you’ll find a video of the Sharks’ Bimmer getting tossed aside in the most classic of manners¬†(pit maneuver)¬†by the Old Punks RX-7. Obviously Clay wasn’t driving as there’s no accompanying string of four-letter words. Hey, he works blue. Also — despite the lack of cussing, turn the volume up.

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