24 Hours of LeMons: Thunderhill

Video: Thunderhill LeMons: Uno Mas

24 Hours of LeMons: Thunderhill

Earlier today I mentioned that Crash – E’s account of Arse-Freeze-Apalooza would probably be the last Thunderhill related post we’d do. Psyche! Well, truthfully, I’d like to be done with it but the lazy, unreliable and totally unpredictable LeMons teams keep randomly putting together funnt, postworthy content. Like the following hillarious¬†video. Essentially, the moving images are of some of the worst instances of ¬†”rank ameteurs in crap can race cars” driving you’ve ever seen. People spinning as if they’ve hit black ice. I love it. And you will to. The vid was compiled by car #9, Team Group of Fools and their hella skeevy 533i. Props to the driver having such a great sense of humor. Also — watch to the end to see some “rare” Bavarian on Bavarian violence. Guess who slams the door…

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