Teams of LeMons: One Point Twenty-One Jiggawatts!


The teams of the 24 Hours of LeMons keep rolling in. Meet team “One Point Twenty One Jiggawatts!” out of Denver. I guess if you kinda squint out of one eye, a 1980 Mazda RX-7 does sort of look like a DeLorean. Sorta. We’re guessing at least one crew member dressed up like Doc Brown will help seal the Back To The Future deal. Bonus points for a hover board or a Toyota SR-5 tow rig. The team’s been working furiously to get the car ready for the Vegas race and it looks like it’s in honest-to-goodness running – if not racing – condition. We can only applaud the out-right ballsiness of running a 30 year-old rotary in a 24-hour endure. Slow clap time, Fiends. You can check out their progress here. Hop the jump for a video of a coast fly by.

Flyby from Allen Stewart on Vimeo.

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