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I. After a rough rookie year, Sebastien Bourdais endured harsh criticism and his seat at Toro Rosso was questionable for ’09. After some very promising winter testing, however, the Italians have decided to keep the French F1 sophomore around for at least one more season. [Source: Formula 1]


II. The ancient Ford Ranger is getting rollover protection for 2010. That means it finally gets Ford’s Advance Trac with RSC stability system, roughly 1,000 years after the rest of Ford’s line-up. The little pickup that could also gets new side-impact airbags that protect the passengers’ heads as well as torsos. If you were expecting a face lift, you can keep dreaming. [Source: Autoweek]


III. Jaguar and Lotus are collaborating on Jag’s new XE roadster. The two limey legends are pooling their resources to make keeping the new Jag between the ditches that much more enjoyable. Jag and Louts’s partnership has already been utilized on the XKR-S and the new 500 hp XKR. [Source: Autocar]

IV. Oregon introduced a bill to ban aftermarket car parts. Basically Governor Theodore Kulongoski introduced legislation that targets parts that would increase greenhouse gas emissions for the sake of performance. In other words, fiends, it’s a politician’s bid to look greener, and since emissions are the jurisdiction of the feds in every state but California, it likely won’t get too far. [Source: Autoblog]

V. Toyota is predicting its worst net loss since 1950. By “worst,” they mean “only” loss since 1950. The Yen is surging against the Dollar, the car market in the US is shrinking, and things aren’t turning around. Even the world’s most prolific car manufacturer can’t escape the times. [Source: MSNBC]

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