World Record Citroen DS23


If you can’t fathom laying down a fistful of C-Notes for a classic Citroen DS3, buckle your seatbelts. A 1973 DS23 Decapatoble just pulled down the most coin of any Citroen ever sold at auction, or at least that’s what the head of Bonham’s Retromobile marketing department thinks. While that’s not exactly Guinness World Records worthy, we’ve got to agree that $440,500 has to be at least in the running for the top slot. These drop-tops weren’t technically factory as they were worked up by French coach-builder Henri Chapron, and by the time this sucker rolled of the line, only a small handful of DS3’s got the topless treatment. Still, if you had close to half a mill to drop on some tin, would it be on a Goddess? Also, I spy a Mark III in the background… [Source: Hemmings]

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