Holy Hell: Next Audi S4 and S5 Details


If all the doom and gloom has taken your favorite sports car out at the knees, take heart. Audi has taken a different tack when it comes to the future of the beloved S4 and S5. According to Audi Engineering Director Michael Dick, the next generation cars will be powered by turbo fours instead of the familiar V8 gusto. Think that’s blasphemy? Just wait to hear the rest of the specs. Dick says the cars will weigh a mind-boggling 880 lbs less than the current models thanks to aluminum and magnesium bones. If you’ve still got your doubts, hows about this little tidbit: Dick says the prototypes are lapping Nurburgring a full eight seconds faster than the current models. We’re excited. [Source: LeftLaneNews via CarAndDriver]

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