The Daily Wrap

The Daily Wrap

I. Aftermarket V-Twin maker S&S Cycle purchased the Crane Cams name and 16 of its patents for $1.2 million. The rest of Crane Cams’ inventory went to the same company for $215k. Crane’s factory in Daytona will stay shuttered even though the company has been purchased, which leaves the 280 people left jobless when the factory closed to find work. [Autoblog]

II. Talladega super speedway is reevaluating the effectiveness of its catch fence after Carl Edwards went airborne and sprayed the fans with debris. Seven fans were injured in the accident, though none have life-threatening injuries. Both NASCAR and Talladega maintain that the fence is high enough, though they’ll look back into its height. As any good redneck would say, “Hey man, racin’s racin’.” [Autoweek]

III. Audi is reportedly working on releasing a brand-new phantom car to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Nobody’s sure what the car will be, but the A5 Sportback four-door or the RS5 coupe are probably safe bets. [0-60]

IV. Well-known automotive artist John Sibal released a series of renderings of what a TechArt-tuned Panamera might look like. We say might because it’s important to point out that TechArt had nothing to do with the actual design, it’s just what Sibal thought the car should look like. But TechArt had nothing to do with it. Get it? [WCF]

V. Mercedes released pictures of the new SLS AMG’s interior. It takes cues from the original 300SL with wide door sills, a high console and tight spacing. Still, the thing’s crammed with true-to-form Mercedes luxuries and makes up for a lack of space with style. [TheCarFanatic]

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