Good Idea: Drag Race A Cop


No kidding. When I finally stumbled on club racing programs like NASA and SCCA a few years ago, I was pretty pissed. You see, I had spent most of my vagrant youth tearing through the back country of Rockbridge County, risking life, limb and sheet metal and funding various municipal projects through my regular contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia. If I had known just how easy it is to get on track, I probably wouldn’t have been such an ass on the street. Probably. Miami has just come up with a genius program to get racing off the streets. Called Beat the Heat, you can pay $25 and drag race a cruiser – sirens, lights and all. Of course, blowing the doors off a Crown Vic can only be so exciting, and the programs real intention is to show racers just how cheap and easy it is to race legal. The MPD reports street racing has dropped off significantly since the introduction of the program, proving Beat the Heat to be a better option than ticketing anything with an exhaust. [Source: MotorAuthority]

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