Audi Ur-Quattro Coming, Too?


You know, let’s just call this rumor Tuesday. There just so many tasty bits to go through right now, why not indulge in them all. Evidently word popped up while I was getting hitched that Audi’s considering reviving it’s legendary Ur-Quattro. I know, right? The Fiends over at Autoblog have unearthed an article in a German magazine saying the car is due to see the light of day as soon as next year. Based on the A5, the article says Audi wants to get the platform’s curb weight down to around 3,000 lbs with the extensive use of aluminum. Now here’s the part that makes me raise a skeptical eyebrow. The article also says the Kingdom of Quattro wants to use polycarbonate in place of the vehicles glass as a further weight reduction. As anyone who has ever suffered through using the easy-to-scratch, easy to haze material on a race car knows, polycarbonate ain’t built for the real world. File this one under we’ll believe it when we hear it from Audi’s mouth. [Source: Autoblog]

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