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Mugen’s New Civic Type R

I’m back, Fiends! After getting all matrimonied up and taking some much needed R&R, I’m back around to show you what’s what in the automotive world. What better for a return post than a little taste of Honda can’t-have. What you see above is Mugen’s latest interpretation of an aero kit for the Type R. [...]

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The Beast

The Truth vs. Fiends: Obama’s Caddy Edition

It’s official nickname is “Stagecoach” but according to MSNBC, the Secret Service has taken to calling Barrack’s Caddy, “The Beast.” Anyway you slice it, Obama’s got a pretty cool ride. I was taken aback by just how cool it was when I saw video of it rolling down Pennsylvania Ave dwarfing big Chevy SUVs. Seriously, [...]

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Audi R4

The Truth vs. Fiends: Porsche/Audi/Volkswagen Edition

On today’s edition of The Truth vs. Fiends (first in a while, admittedly) Mr. Justin and I get into about the BlueSport concept and what it means  to VW, Audi and of course Porsche. Justin doesn’t seem to think that the car makes a whole ton of sense for plain old Volkswagen. I agree, especially [...]

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Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404

The Truth vs. Fiends: Unimog Uber Alles Edition

Look, Mr. Justin and I talked about a whole bunch of other stuff, but all we really wanted to talk about is that damn Unimog. I mean, what else matters? Can’t think of anything. OK fine, this Unimog is really cool, too. And that Buick looks like it could be really good. Oh just listen. [...]

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The Truth vs. Fiends: All Over the Map Edition

We so crazy. And that’s why you love us! Er, and that’s why we hope you love us! Yes, our podcast, The Truth vs. Fiends is back for 2009. Back to crazy: in today’s installment Mista Justin and I drift mercilessly from the can’t wait to try it Kia Soul to the hideousness of Cizeta V16s to [...]

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Rusty Cars

The Truth vs. Fiends: Garbage Doesn’t Rust Edition

The Podcast is back! And today’s was a lot of fun. Why so? Not sure, but Mr. Justin and I ran the gamut from the new 2010 Nissan 370Z to goat food East Germans to 270 mph uber cars. What can I say? We’re automotive omnivores. Have a listen.

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2001 Subaru WRX Wagon

The Truth vs. Fiends: What Jonny Drives Edition

That’s not me, but I had an identical car. Bought it back in October 2001. A 2002 WRX Wagon. And man, I used to chew up parking lots. The black ‘Rex was my first performance car. Since then I’ve gotten into this whole auto journo thing. What a long, fast, high G, squealy tire, burning [...]

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BMW 507

The Truth vs. Fiends: German Convertible Edition

Why hello there! Not you, the car. Did you know Elvis had a 507? Guess which one aged better. Oh, right. Justin and I got on the horn and argued with each other today. We started things off by lamenting the USA and our choice of minivans and continued on to just how incredibly gorgeous [...]

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The Truth vs. Fiends: Brown Edition

Oh, that Jonny Lieberman and his crackpot theories. Last week it was “All the vowels hate Y” and “Soap is a tool of the bourgeoisie!” Now it’s “Brown is popular again.” Except that I think he’s right. In today’s Truth vs. Fiends podcast, we discuss brown’s new popularity, as well as the Panamera’s potential weird/coolness, [...]

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The Truth vs. Fiends: LA Auto Show Edition

You are looking at the Jeep Renegade Concept from last year’s Detroit Auto Show. We’re not saying Detroit is dead (yet) but judging by their displays the Big 2.8 might as well be. Auto journalist after auto journalist kept repeating the same thing — it’s like a funeral at both the Chrysler and GM booths. [...]

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2010 Ford Mustang

The Truth vs. Fiends: All 2010 Mustang All the Time

Yes, right, the 2010 Ford Mustang is live on the web! And Mr. Justin and I talk about it. Cause like, you know, new Mustang! Anyhow, we both have high hopes. We also babble on about the new Cube and if they ‘Mericanized it. And then we (kinda) get into Porsches. For just a momemt. But [...]

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Bentley Brooklands

The Truth vs. Fiends: Hardtop Trumps Droptop Edition

Can I get a Flavor Flav-style, “Yeeeeeah Boyyeee?” That’s a Bentely Brooklands and you don’t have to dig very deep in my Anglophile heart to discover the fact that I think it’s one of the most desireable cars in the world. If not actually the most lustworthy. You can bet your crumpets that Mr. justin [...]

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Datsun 240Z

The Truth vs. Fiends: Japanese RWD Edition

That’s right — we’re still podcasting! Last week was just nuts what with SEMA and Obama and all that. But this week life is kinda, a little bit, (maybe) back to normal. Today Mr. Justin and I discuss a couple of new RWD Japanese cars that will be on sale sooner than later. Specifically, the [...]

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Pontiac G8 Ute

The Truth vs. Fiends: We Heart the G8

No really — we heart it. Read the review! But, predictably, the reports are saying that the G8 ain’t going to live to have children. This is the end of the line. Good bye. Luckily for me, a GXP Ute Camino ST version with a 6-speed manny-tranny will exist before GM pulls the plug in 2012 [...]

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2000 BMW M5

The Truth vs. Fiends: Democratic Supercars?

You are looking at a 2000 BMW M5. And if you can like you can buy it now for $18,795. In fact, you search vast.com right now for BMW M5s and set the price range to between $10,000 and $25,000 you’ll get 180 results. That’s pretty incredible. I mention this because over on TTAC Justin [...]

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Ferrari 330

The Truth vs. Fiends: Everyday is Ferrari Day!

Ferrari Day marches on! And yes, Mr. Justin and I talk about the fast, red cars. But before we do, we discuss a comparo review of the Ford Flex and Chevrolet Traverse over on TTAC. That’s right boyeeee – we talk new-fangled minivans. I prefer the Flex, Justin sounds bored to tears. We also get [...]

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Ron Jeremy

The Truth vs. Fiends: Naughty Jews Edition

Well, OK — not that naughty. But podcasting on Rosh Hashana? Tsk, tsk. Anyhow, got a good one for you today. Justin and me discuss the finer points of French ludicrousness, the upcoming smack down cage/ladder match between Porsche and Nissan, the long awaited sequel to the Great Depression, what lies beyond hybrids (fuel cells!) [...]

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