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Mugen’s New Civic Type R

I’m back, Fiends! After getting all matrimonied up and taking some much needed R&R, I’m back around to show you what’s what in the automotive world. What better for a return post than a little taste of Honda can’t-have. What you see above is Mugen’s latest interpretation of an aero kit for the Type R. [...]

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Ford Fiesta Gets A New Dress

German tuner Loder1899 has taken a shine to Ford’s new Fiesta. The company just unleashed a line of dress-up kits for the fuel-sipping FoMoCo, including a front lip, side skirts and rear valance. There’s also a quad exhaust system that we don’t quite understand (that’s one tip per cylinder). Still, the lowering springs and 17 [...]

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ings +1 Mitsubishi EVO X N-Spec

If you’ve been looking for a new body kit for your EVO X, Japanese tuning house ings+1 may have just what the doctor ordered. The company has produced a new N-Spec body kit, derived from ings racing experience in the Super Taikyu racing series. That means the additions are more functional than most of the [...]

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Mugen Honda Accord

If you know someone in Japan and happen to own a new Accord, now might be the time to pick up the phone and ask for a favor. Mugen has just released its touches for the sedan and touring models of the family hauler, adding a little bit of spice to the ride. The kits [...]

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Wald International Bentley Continental GT Black Bison

Here it is in the flesh: the car with the longest name in the history of man. Wald has finally finished work on its Black Bison version of the uber-lux Bentley Continental GT. The look stays true to the renderings the company let loose back in July, and that’s a good thing. The subtle design [...]

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PPI Razor GTR: Don’t Call it an Audi R8

It’s always interesting when the real deal emerges from the renderings. If you haven’t seen (or read) The Golden Compass this next joke won’t be nearly as funny. Armor Dolphin. Some will argue that even if you have seen the kiddie flick about alcoholic atheist bears my joke stinks. So be it. I just think the [...]

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Second BMW Performance Teaser

BMW has released another teaser to tout bolt on goodies for its 3-series. There’s plenty of carbon fiber, both in useful bits, like a front strut tower brace and light-weight seats, and useless pieces like dash accents. There’s also some sort of tech-laden steering wheel and the obligatory “BMW Performance” door sills. What you can’t [...]

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Lexus IS-F By Wald

Wald International has turned its attention to the Lexus IS-F, cranking out a new aero kit for the car. The package includes some massive ducting up front and a slick rear diffuser out back that blends the car’s quad-stacked exhaust into other design elements. The overall effect is a more aggressive look that doesn’t give [...]

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VITT Performance Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

How’s about a touch of JDM for your German cruiser? VITT Performance is offering a wide-body kit for the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, complete with a new front fascia, side skirts, and rear valance. While the kit is mostly aesthetic, there are a few performance upgrades, including a set of larger stoppers. Customers can opt for big [...]

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Novitec Rosso Ferrari 599 GTB

What do you do when you get used to the 612 horsepower 6.0-liter V12 under the hood of your Ferrari 599 GTB? You call the fine folks at Novitec Rosso. They’ll be more than happy to plop not one, but two superchargers on top of that sweet Italian mill to bump the power up to [...]

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Porsche 997 V-GT Coupe By Vorsteiner

The mad hatters at Vorsteiner have had their way with the newest 911, cranking out a unique aero package for the car crafted from heaps of carbon fiber. The 997 V-GT comes with a completely reworked nose with carbon-fiber ducting that directs air toward the upper radiator, as well as a front chin spoiler and [...]

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Ings+1 N-Spec 2009 Honda Fit

Wanna make your Honda Fit look like a seriously ticked-off June bug? Check out Ings+1’s N-Spec kit for the new nimble little Honda hatch. Complete with a set of Volk Racing RE30 wheels dipped in Bridgestone Potenzas, an Endless Brake kit and a set of Bride seats it’s all you need for a little intimidation [...]

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RWB Penthouse Porsche 911

NACA Duct My Heart: RWB Penthouse Porsche

Am I that easy? Does it really take just one super-cool, uber-trick element for me to fall in love? We’re talking cars here, not women — right? Well, earlier in the day, Dang — our most prolific tipster — emailed me a bunch of articles about Speed Hunters coverage of JDM Porsche tuners RAUH-Welt. I [...]

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Vorsteiner Black Widow

Vorsteiner CLK63 AMG aka Black Widow

Everybody likes overpowered Benzes. And why not? They’re aggresive, crude and adhere to John DeLorean’s thoery of the muscle car: Cram a really big engine into a smaller chassis. Or in the case of the S65 AMG, cram a gigantic twin-turbo V12 into the biggest car you got. It’s true that you can’t get a [...]

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Mad Caddy: D3 Cadillac XLR-V

Ah, the perfect super-villain mobile. For those seeking world domination and the ride to do it in, D3 has a stage three kit for the Cadillac XLR-V that puts down more than 600 horsepower — 157 more ponies than stock. With just a few ECU tweaks, a new intake and an easy-breathing exhaust, the lux [...]

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RENNTech C63

RENNTech-Tuned C63

For a certain segment of Fiends, the phrase “AMG Hammer” cause the heart to speed up, the pupils to dialate and the tongue to start salivating. All that just happened to me by simply typing! It was such an intriguing little beasty. Essentially an E300 with an over-bored 6.0-liter 32-Valve DOHC mill from a 560SEC, [...]

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Wald International Aero Kit For BMW M5

Just because Wald International is Japan-based doesn’t mean they stick to JDM sheet metal. Their aero kit for the BMW M5 is a prime example of their expertise on Bavarian muscle. The company reworked the front and rear fascia as well as the car’s side skirts out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The special material [...]

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