2010 Toyota Prius

The Insanity Continues: TRD Prius

Last week, we showed off a pic of a Mugen-tuned Honda Insight Hybrid in amusement. Well, it would seem Honda’s not the only company out there boasting a hybrid with some street cred. Toyota just rolled out a few shots of a TRD-tweaked third-gen Prius. I think I may be sick. The usual compliment off [...]

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Prius Cup: Dark, Dark Future Of Racing

I’m fully confident that as long as there are two sentient beings on this planet with comparable vehicles, some form of motorsport will exist. No matter how expensive fuel gets or how hard green regs come down us all, man will race man (or woman). It’s just the way of things. That said, if the [...]

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Detroit Auto Show: 2010 Toyota Prius

Here it is, Fiends. Toyota unveiled the next-generation Toyota Prius at the Detroit Auto Show today. The company is promising the kind of fuel economy Leo can boast about. While the outgoing model offers up an amazing 46 mpg, the hybrid you see before you will dish out a combined 50 mpg thanks to a [...]

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