F’ing Insane: Mosler MT900 XX Land Shark

Think the Mosler MT900 GTR XX is good enough? Evidently John Gocha didn’t. The Fiend and his company Intense Automotive Design has decided to slather the car’s GM-sourced LS7 V8 with two turbos and four fuels in a bid to reach 2,500 horsepower. That’s not a typo. We’re  not quite sure how the team plans [...]

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Bonnevill Salt Flats: Goldenrod

Picture of the Day: Golden Rod

Watching the porn video footage of the Jagur XFR hit 225.6 mph got me thining about the Bonneville Salt Flats and speed records in general. Odd stuff. Like the Summers brothers’ Goldenrod here. Yeah, in 1965 that thing went nearly twice as fast as the Jag — 409.277 mph. A record by the way, that stood [...]

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Video: Jag Going The Distance

We spied the wicked fast Bonneville Jaguar XFR in Detroit. This is the car that managed to take Jaguar’s personal best up a few notches by landing a top speed of 225.6 mph. That sirs, is insanely fast. The company has finally let loose of the promo video it had playing in the auto show [...]

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Detroit Auto Show: Bonneville Salt Flat Jag

If this doesn’t rank as king of the North American International Auto Show black sheep, I’m not sure what does. This rig managed a 225.625 mph run at Bonneville recently with Paul Gentilozzi behind the wheel. You may recognize Gentilozzi from his Trans Am domination in his Jaguar XKR. The salt-flat cat is an XFR [...]

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1969 Pontiac Bonneville Ad

Picture of the Day: That Great Bonneville Magic

You know what I liked least about the Pontiac G8 GT we drove last week? The name. G8? Get outa town. What a stupid, meaningless name. And why did Pontiac pick “G” to start off it’s boring, meaningless alphanumerics anyway? Why not “P?” Or “Q?” Anyhow, why not call the G8 “Catalina?” Huh? Not bad, right?Oooh [...]

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Triumph Bonneville by Belstaff

Triumph Bonneville by Belstaff

Check this John Player Special (remember them from the heady days of ’70s Formula One) inspired version of Triumph’s Bonneville retro-bike. Its by OG motorcycle gear maker and purveyor of high fashion outerwear, Belstaff. So as a collab this makes perfect sense. We especially dig the satin black finish on the paintwork and the gold [...]

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