The Daily Wrap

The Daily Wrap

I Volkswagen will be sending the 2010 Golf R Series Turbo our way shortly after its late 2009 German debut. The new car will have a turbo’d 2-liter four and 270 hp, up from 250 in the weak-sauce R32. Supposedly it’s good for a sub-6 second  zero to 60 and 155 on the big end. [...]

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Weekend Query: Would You Buy An Indian Jaguar?

The 2009 Jaguar lineup is perhaps the company’s strongest since the late Sixties. A modern sedan, an aluminum sports coupe, five-hundred-and-ten-horsepower supercharged engines, record-setting Salt Flats runs, reasonable prices. As a former Jaguar owner (1986 Vanden Plas in champagne, since you ask) I should be champing at the bit to buy a new cat. But…

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