Dodge Viper
This Is The World’s Longest Dodge Viper

This Is The World’s Longest Dodge Viper

SEMA is about the only place you’d ever see a car like this (although I once saw something similar sitting outside of one of Winnemucca, Nevada’s freeway-visible brothels). Handling undoubtedly takes a very distant backseat to luxury in this iteration of the legendary muscle car, but we’re sure it still goes pretty quick in a [...]

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Video: Don’t Pass on the Right

Video: Don’t Pass on the Right

Few things piss me off quicker than having someone pass me on the right while there’s an open lane on my left. As someone who spent quite a bit of my vagrant youth tearing ass through the hills, dales and interestates of Virginia, I know exactly what can happen when you sneak up on someone [...]

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Video: Jousting on the Nurburgring

Got ten minutes to kill? Sure you do. The fiends over at Speedhunters have sourced up a great clip of a GT3 Dodge Viper and a GT3 Porsche 997 going at it on the world-famous Nurburgring. With plenty of lap traffic from lower race classes and the challenge of Green Hell itself, it’s ten minutes [...]

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The Daily Wrap

I. Porsche and Volkswagen may soon share space under the same management company, provided their parent company, Porsche Automobil Holding SE, can ok the deal with labor groups. The deal would pretty much put the kabosh on Porsche taking over VW, and would put wither Ferdinand Piech or Wolfgang Porsche in charge of both companies. [...]

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Al Melling’s Been Busy

British Roadster builder Al Melling has been keeping himself occupied since gunning for the TVR name not too long ago. It seems the man responsible for a gaggle of V8-powered roadsters has his sights set on plopping a more potent mill behind the headlights. Something like a V10. The car is already under development at [...]

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The Daily Wrap

The Daily Wrap

I. Photos of the new Tesla Model S hit the web today. They were apparently leaked by a Tesla employee and the company has already verified their authenticity. Say what you will about electrics, but this thing is downright attractive. [Source: Autoweek]

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Fun With Computers: 1967 Dodge Viper

Designer Rafael Reston has taken to pondering what the Dodge Viper would have looked like if it originated in the ‘60s. What’d he come up with? A heaping pile of hotness. Reston says he took time to research construction methods available at the time, as well as all the craziness Chrysler was working on. When [...]

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For Sale: McLaren Dodge Viper Diamondback

You’re looking at McLaren’s take on the Dodge Viper. Built for the North American International Auto Show in 2006, the car received a few performance upgrades to help boost power to 615 – 115 over the base car at the time. Aside from adding a little gusto, McLaren also focused on ditching weight from the [...]

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Hurst: 50 Years Of Gear-Grabbin’ Fun

That’s right, the boys known for the baddest pistol-grip shifters in the land are turning 50. What are they doing to celebrate? Rolling out special edition Dodge Vipers, of course. The cars can only be had in black with gold stripes or white with gold stripes and will rock a couple of tricks to separate [...]

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Rhys Millen Red Bull Drift World Champ Pontiac Solstice

Red Bull Drifting World Championship Results: Good Job Rhys

More photos and info coming later today, but Rhys Millen and his mighty Red Bull Pontiac Solistice captured first place, the $25,000 purse and the title of World Champion at the inaugural World Championship event. The $25,000 is the largest prize in the history of drifting. Rhys’s teammate Daijiro Yoshihara took second and $15,000 behind the [...]

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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Corvette ZR1 Goes Round Der ‘Ring 4 Seconds Faster

To quote Vanilla Ice, “Will it ever stop? Yo! — I don’t know.” Here’s the skinny. The last time Chevy flew their gang of “engineers” out to Germany (“engineers” being GM speak for facotry race drivers), Jim Mero snapped off a then “production car record” time of 7:26. Das ich fast, jah? Sadly for Chevy, [...]

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Dodge Viper ACR: New King O’ Der ‘Ring?

Looks like the ZR1 has already been dethroned as the reigning monarch of Green Hell just weeks into its supercharged reign of power. Hot on the heels of the news that Chrysler is looking at the highest bidders for the Viper name comes this blistering video of an SRT10 ACR doing the nasty in just [...]

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Chrysler Mulls Sale Of Viper

Here’s a shot past domestic automakers’ bows. Chrysler announced this morning that it’s exploring “strategic options” for the Viper line. In plain English, they’re looking into who wants to buy the name, the tooling and all of the bits that it takes to fabricate the car. The future isn’t looking bright for mega-engine rear-drivers across [...]

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Sam Hubinette to Drive Viper at Formula D Long Beach Season Opener

About a week ago at the Formula D tech day I heard from a reliable source that NuFormz/Team Mopar recieved their bone stock Dodge Challenger with precious little time to get the car ready for tech inspection much less round one.  An announcement from Mopar may suggest some truth to the rumor as they’ve released [...]

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