EV Ginetta G50

Ginetta’s been responsible for some seriously bad-ass vehicles over its long history, and it looks like the company isn’t about to let up any time soon. The UK-based company is set to release its newest sports-bred bruiser, the G50, and the car may also serve as a platform for a new electric vehicle. Ginetta’s hoping [...]

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Top Gear Shoots Back At Tesla

Ah yes. A little while back, our favorite hoons across the pond had their way with Tesla’s wonder child, the Roadster. It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson has his reservations where EV’s are concerned, and during his review the Tesla received a less-than-favorable evaluation. Tesla responded by saying some of the events portrayed in the [...]

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Tesla Roadster

Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson vs. Telsa Roadster

  Man, shoulda called it “Jezza vs. Tesla.” Anyhow — Jezza — the man that says things like, “[T]he whole global warming theory is bonkers. A complete fairy story” goes one on one with the (current) poster child for sustainable driving, the all-electric Tesla Roadster. Er, more like goes one on two, as the first [...]

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Video: EV Tango Beasts Tesla Roadster

My dad used to tell me the most humiliating defeat he ever suffered while prowling the streets of Knoxville in his ’79 Mustang was at the hands of a beater Vega Wagon. He said the car had one tail light, four different color body panels and rusting steelies. When the sucker edged up to the [...]

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Fisker Karma: Enough Torques To Rule The World

Seriously. This car should only be sold to licensed super heroes. Why? Because evidently this plug-in hybrid commands enough torque to spin the globe in reverse. That kind of power in the hands of evil could have hilariously disastrous effects. Think Ground Hog Day. Yesterday we got a peek at the tail of this beastie, [...]

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Video: EV Racing, On Ice!

Ok. Last time I use the on-ice thing. I swear. Typically, EV’s and cold weather aren’t the best of friends. Temperatures below freezing tend to put a hurt on a battery’s ability to store and discharge energy, so you’re looking at decreased performance all around. Does that stop the French from racing EV’s on ice? [...]

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Electric Vehicles San Francisco

Rant: San Francisco Will Make a Lousy Electric Car Mecca

Northern California loves it some electric cars. First you got Neil Young claiming that bio-diesel charged electric Caddies are the way forward (he lives in La Honda). Now you got San Francisco and the surrounding communities rolling out plans to become the “Electric Vehicle Capital of the U.S.” And that’s totally cool, even though I think [...]

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Lincvolt Neil Young

Neil Young Really Hearts Electric Cars

Especially big ones. According to Mr. Young, the bigger the electric car, the better. Why is that? Well, what’s the big problem with electric cars? If you don’t have a garage, where do you plug your car in at night? Er, no — the other big problem. Ah, right — in real, actual driving with hills [...]

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2009 Mini E Field Trial Application Details

Mini has just sent out emails inviting applicants for what they are calling the Mini E Field Trial. If you live in the New York or Los Angeles metros, want the low carbon, high carfun footprint of one of the limited run of electric Minis, along with ponying up an $850 a month lease payment [...]

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Orange Tesla Roadster

Autoblog Founder Gets 16th Telsa Roadster

There’s a guy named Jason Calacanis and he founded Weblogs, Inc. AOL then bought his company and now he’s richer than the Kaiser. As such, he bought himself an orange Tesla Roadster! As with all Tesla owners, Mr. Calacanis is going to  fall into one of two groups: planet saving greenies or hoons who crave supercar acceleration and Lotus-like [...]

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LA Auto Show: DriverSide Drives The MINI E

Looks like the Fiends over at DriverSide (hey Jon, Brian!) were able to talk their way behind the wheel of the all-electric MINI E at the LA Auto Show. Unlike other plug-in electrics out there, the E actually promises to be somewhat fun to drive, have a decent range and minimal charge time. How minimal? [...]

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Video: Chrysler Pits EV Against SRT8 Challenger

We really haven’t heard much from the three EV’s Dodge unveiled earlier this year. The cars just sort of popped up and faded into the background buzz surrounding the supposed merger talks between Chrysler and GM. Or Nissan. Or the federal government. The most exciting of the ‘lectrics popped it’s head out of the corporate [...]

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Brabus Tesla Roadster

Infamous tuner Brabus has turned their eye towards the all-electric Tesla Roadster, tweaking the car’s exterior for a more sinister appeal. Aside from the matte-white paint scheme, the company installed a custom carbon fiber front lip and rear diffuser and swapped the stock wheels and tires for more aggressive bits. Here’s the really nifty bit. [...]

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‘Lectric MINI Leases For $850 Per Month

If you think you want to be one of the lucky 500 Californians to slide behind the wheel of the all-electric MINI E, get ready to bust open that piggy bank. The company has just announced lease details, including the per month price tag of $850 for 12 months. While dropping a cool $10k on [...]

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Rolls-Royce Eyeing An Electric Phantom

It’s true. It looks like the Spirit of Ecstasy will be sitting atop an all electric Rolla sometime soon. According to CAR Magazine Online, Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves has his eye on a green ultra-lux machine for customers that only need to make quick jaunts into town to stock up on Grey Poupon. After driving [...]

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MINI EV Unveiled

This was bound to happen sooner or later. Take the pint-sized, driving-bliss MINI and swap the go bits for electrics. MINI has pulled the wraps off its EV version ahead of the LA Auto Show coming next month. Power comes courtesy of a 201 hp electric motor mated to a 35 kw/h lithium-ion battery pack. [...]

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Ruf 911 All Electric

While German Porsche nuts Ruf had originally planned to work an all-electric powertrain into the Cayman, the company has opted for the bigger-bodied 997 911. With plenty of room for the extra 1,200 lbs of batteries and the capacity to sufficiently cool them, the 911 serves as a better donor than the svelte Cayman. Even [...]

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