Fast and the Furious

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I. Ferrari will auction off the very last F430 on Sunday to benefit the victims of the earthquake that devastated the Abruzzo region of Italy. The car comes sporting the traditional colors of Aquila, the city hit hardest by the quake. The last F430 won’t roll off the assembly line until the end of the [...]

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Video: Fast and Bi-Curious

The newest volume in the long-standing Fast and Furious franchise has raked in a mind-boggling $70 million over the weekend – not a single penny of which was mine. Don’t get me wrong, I plan to see the flick, if for no other reason than to grimace as Diesel’s well-executed one-liners. It’s just that last [...]

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Vin Diesel Pilots Eibach Challenger To F&F 4 Premier

Consider this my first official gripe with Fast and the Furious, New Model Original Parts. In a move that only goes to prove that both Vin Diesel and the Fast and the Furious franchise still don’t quite get “the whole car thing,” the star of the newest action flick rolled up to the premier in [...]

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Video: New Fast ‘n Furious Trailer

I think maybe they should have stopped with the first trailer. At least I could make it through that one without wincing. Not so much with the new trailer for Fast And The Furious: New Model, Old Parts. There appears to be some sort of plot going on, what with Paul Walker looking intense and [...]

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Fast ‘N Furious 240SX For Sale

Quick: what’s the easiest way to command an $8k price tag from a 200,000 mile Nissan 240SX? If you said “put the car in the upcoming Fast and the Furious” you’re dead on. For whatever reason, Universal has decided to sell off one of the cars from the flick on Hemmings. If you believe the [...]

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Fast and the Furious

Fast and the Furious

The creative brains behind PAC-MAN ( Ms. PAC-MAN for those of you who swing that way) rock the neon-lit Tokyo streets in The Fast and the Furious (although based somewhat on the latest F&F movie it lacks the “Tokyo Drift” bit, and after watching the movie, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why). [...]

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