Citroen DS Thailand

Picture of the Day: Thai Goddess

You knew this was coming. Need another reason to visit Thailand beside the food, scenery and friendly faces? How about the fact that the place is crawling with Citroens? And not just any old Citroen, but the extra awesome DS. And you thought French imperialism had no upside… [Source: DS in Asia]

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Flying Lego Citroen DS

The Magic of Internet Magic: Flying Lego DS

No, this is not a waking dream fantasy of mine come to life. Though it oughts be. No, some dude actually sat down and said, “You know what? Not just Citroen DS, but flying Citroen DS.” Hell yes! In addition to fission powered Cadillacs, the other technology we’re very sad not to be owning is flying [...]

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Renault 4

Picture of the Day: In its Element

That’s a Renault 4 and if you’ve ever seen a car more comfortable in its own skin, I’d like to see it. All that’s missing is the leather soft top. Sigh… Gimme!

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Fantastically Irrelevant: Citroën BX 4TC

This is a Citroën BX 4TC. I’ve been trying to figure out a relevant spin to put on it, or some way of tying it in to the current happenings of today, but I’m coming up empty. Honestly though, it doesn’t matter that the BX 4TC is irrelevant, because that’s exactly why it’s so intriguing [...]

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Citroen DS Japan

Picture of the Day: Hell Yeah Edition

The less I say here, the better.

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1921 Farman A6B Super Sport

Picture of the Day: Farman A6B Super Sport

All this talk of supersaloons, multi-million dollar cars and the next Great Depression (and Paris) got me thinking about the past. Specifically, last time we as a culture had gobs of disposable income made possible by questionable credit practices, what were we buying? This is a Farman A6B Super Sport. Like contemporary French make Voisin, [...]

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Citroen GT Concept

Teaser Insanity: Citroen GT Concept

I guess we can’t ignore this any longer. But before we discuss the car in question, allow me to state for the record: Autofiends Hates Teasers! Just show us the damn car! Also, anyone with 2/3rds of a brain knows this is just a cheap, cynical way for PR folks to generate more interest in their upcoming [...]

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PGO Hemera Teaser: French Shooting-Brake!

Never heard of PGO? It’s a tiny French company that’s been cranking out retro-styled roadsters for almost 20 years now. The little drop-tops are powered by 1.6-liter four bangers juiced by natural gas. Those whacky French! And now they’ve released this teaser for a new shooting-brake. They’re calling it the Hemera, and beyond that we [...]

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Jeremie Paret Lamborghini Gallardo

Check out the first effort by French supercar tuner Jeremie Paret. This is no mass-produced kit that can be slapped on just any car, it’s a custom one-off production that caters specifically to the owner’s tastes. This particular Gallardo sports plenty of carbon fiber in the form of side skirts and a huge rear diffuser. [...]

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Heaven On Earth? Rent a Morgan, Tour the South of France

I really don’t think it gets that much better than this. Whatever makes it to the very top of your “dream car-dream road” list, snaking through the vineyards of southern France in a drop head car can’t be too far down. The company “The Classic Route” will rent you a Morgan and book an exceptional [...]

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Righteous Renault Sport: Go, Twingo, Go!

Renault’s Renault Sport Twingo is a mere month away from launch for our friends across the pond in the land of bread and cheese . In anticipation of the event, the company has released this tasty video of the Twingo RS zipping around a closed track to drum up interest and torment us war mongers. [...]

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Renault Twingo RS

Picture of the Afternoon: Renault Twingo RS Pedals Rule

Now this is brilliant. I’ve never been a huge Twingo fan. Back in the 90s when I was running around Europe after college, I was pretty horrified by the Twingo. It was just too cute for my American senses and sensibilities. I remember drinking (way) too much absinthe and near-hallucinating on a train bound for [...]

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Peugeot RC…

Peugeot Hybrid Coming to Paris

In a teaser campaign sure to sucker us bloggers in catch the car web on fire, Peugeot released some dark, shady images of a hybridal concept it plans on “debuting” this october in Paris. What are these pics then, a pre-debut? Anhow, the car is called, “RC…” Oooh, more ploy. Get it? They’re not even [...]

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Citroen SM

Fiend Find: Citroen SM

Yes, well, while Zach was out photographing old wagons and Levy was tip-toing around a goofball Bentely, some of us were busy photogrpahing real cars. Er, were busy forcing our girlfirends to flabbergastingly photograph real cars while we drooled all over ourself from the driver’s seat. Specifically this gorgeous Citroen SM we spotted loping down [...]

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Citroen DS Couch

Say It Isn’t Sofa: Citroen DS Couch

If I had a shag pad, ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum. All day long I’d sit around and… Yes, so you’re looking at a couch made from a Citroen DS. Part of me is very angry, and part is filled with utter joy, but Charles de Gaulle is spinning around in [...]

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Renault Renaultsport Megane R26.R

Renault in London: Renaultsport Megane R26.R

Pssst. Hey buddy, you looking for an incredibly rare, pretty damn fast, horribly ugly French hatchback that you can’t buy in the US? Have we got a car for you. That’s right, today in London Renault took the wraps off one of the world’s fastest front-drivers, the Renaultsport Megane R26.R. The big news is that [...]

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2009 Renault Megane

French Car Mag Raided, Journalist Arrested

There’s so much to admire the French. Over 80% of their power is nuclear, their medical system is free (and works), their food is righteous and those women… But, this is horseshit. French buff book Auto Plus just got raided by the cops. Not for actually breaking the law or anything. But for printing information [...]

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