Could it Be? The G8 Lives On

As you’ve probably heard by now, Guvna Lutz is back in action at General Motors. That means we’re not only guaranteed more gems straight from the horse’s  mouth, but you can bet we’ll have a better eye toward what goes on behind closed doors in the new company. The latest bit to trickle down from [...]

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Rumor Mongering: Pontiac Not Long For This World

According to the Fiends at Edmunds, Pontiac may get the corporate axe as soon as Monday. This is an absolute about face from the repeated assertions that the brand would become GM’s “excitement” division, but with the decree coming from on high that restructuring has to be “faster and deeper” than previous efforts, the brand [...]

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Rumor Mongering: Pontiac Firebird Is Coming Back

What’s this now? A return of the screaming chicken? According to the pondering Fiends at eGMCarTech, Pontiac’s redefinition as a “niche” brand has opened up the doors for all kinds of possibilities. While youth-oriented compact cars (a la Scion) are a possibility, proponents of awesome are holding out for a pure-sports division, complete with the [...]

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Pontiac G8 ST

Pontiac G8 ST V8 To Start in “Low $30,000 Range”

Aw yeah — it’s Australian for El Camino. And it’s definitely coming here. To America. Just like Mick Dundee, only without the big ass knife. Though it will have a (relatively) big ass V8. 6.2-liters, just like the righteous G8 GT. When, exactly? We’re hearing 12 months. How much? Pontiac spokeshole Jim Hopson is saying [...]

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Pontiac G8 ST

Pontiac: G8 and Solstice Not Getting the Axe

True, it was just five short days ago that we reported (along with lots of others) the impending death of the both the G8 and the Solstice. That’s right, the internet had us thinking that the General’s “Excitement” division was all set to kill off it’s two best cars. In fact, I would argue that [...]

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2010 Pontiac G8 GXP

Pontiac G8 GXP Mule Caught Menacing Australia

Just to catch you up, when it arrives, the G8 GXP will feature the Corvette’s 6.2-liter V8. Autoblog is claiming 402 hp and 400 torques, though we think they’re leaning a bit conservative. Especially since in Vette tune that mill makes 430 hp (or 435 with the trick exhaust) and 424 lb-ft. Regardless, a nifty [...]

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