Goodwood Goodness

As the Goodwood festival of speed approaches, manufacturers are beginning to tempt us with the kind of toys they plan to bring to the party. Porsche has announced its bringing along a handful of 917s to play with, and some of the cars legendary pilots like Richard Attwood, Brian Redman and David piper will be [...]

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Picture of the Day: Infiniti Essence Concept

Infiniti has decided to bring it’s hybrid Essence concept to this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. As a refresher, the car boasts a turbo 3.7-liter V6 good and an electric drivetrain good for a combined 600 horsepower. We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Nissan’s lux-brand to the UK than flogging the concept [...]

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Goodwood Revival 2008

Ford Zodiac Mixes It Up At Goodwood

Something tells me if I’m a good little Fiend for the rest of my born days, I just might make it to a place like the Goodwood Revival before I kick. Octane spent some time at this year’s event, putting driver Tony Dron behind the wheel of a Ford Zodiac. I love this car for [...]

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Japan Comes to Goodwood

While some might misconstrue the Goodwood Festival of Speed as a strickly Fish ‘n Chips affair, there isplenty of world cuisine in attendance this year. Including top shelf sushi. Mazda was all to happy to throw a bit of Wasabi on the rawness with their king of bad-ass green cars, the Furai. There were plenty [...]

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Tesla Roadster at Goodwood

Tesla Roadster at Goodwood

Looks like hot French hatchbacks weren’t all we missed at last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. You’re looking a genuine Tesla Roadster in line with the rest of the hot metal. This looks to be a different Roadster than the one Levy spotted at Le Mans. Meaning there are at least two Teslas in Europe. [...]

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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Photos

Yeah, so here’s another completely amazing automotive event from over the weekend we didn’t get to participate in (don’t worry — we did get to bomb some of LA’s best canyons in an EVO X — check back tomorrow for the full report). Yes friends, it’s the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Aside from raw, undiluted [...]

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Trossi Roadster Wins Cartier Style Et Luxe At Goodwood

Many of you know that Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s top car collectors. Cars from his collection have won Pebble Beach including the amazing Mercedes Benz 710 SSK “Trossi Roadster” pictured here. Well this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mr Lauren earned another trophy for his wall when the stunning black [...]

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Honda RA300

Goodwood Festival of Speed Starts Now

There are many reasons to visit England. From stacked stones to crumbling castles to the M25, Old Blighty has it all. And of course, the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Which is currently underway and running through Sunday. For the unfamiliar, Goodwood is an automotive orgy — a bacchanal celebration all things wheeled and motorized. You [...]

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2008 Goodwood Festival Of Speed Kicks Off With Trials Demo

Trials is the insane art of riding lightweight purpose built motorcycles up rock walls, over boulders, and other impossible obstacles–and doing it without putting a foot down. Its ballet on two wheels and mind blowing to watch. Dougie Lampkin is the scion of a dynasty of riders going back three generations who are masters of [...]

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