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2012-2013 Midsize Sedan Comparison: Battle of the Best-Sellers

2012-2013 Midsize Sedan Comparison: Battle of the Best-Sellers

Ferrari may get all the fan mail and sell countless bedroom wall posters, but in the 66 years since its founding, the Italian automaker has sold just 130,000 cars. Toyota, in comparison, sells roughly that many Camrys in the U.S. every five months. Honda’s Accord and Nissan’s Altima are close behind.

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Europe Gets Honda Accord Type S

Sigh. We’re all familiar with the Acura TSX. Here in the states, our baby, lux Accord gets a 201-horse four-pot or a 280 horsepower V6, but gets stuck with one seriously funky nose job. Not so in Europe. Our cousins across the pond get this tasty nugget – the Honda Accord Euro Type S. Same [...]

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Mugen Honda Accord

If you know someone in Japan and happen to own a new Accord, now might be the time to pick up the phone and ask for a favor. Mugen has just released its touches for the sedan and touring models of the family hauler, adding a little bit of spice to the ride. The kits [...]

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Honda Accord Wagon Spied

Just take a second before you skip this one. It looks like Honda’s working on a station-wagon version of its Accord, and while that may not be the most exciting thing you’ve heard all week, we’re thinking this car may have some serious potential. Yes, Honda had a front-driver wagon back in the ‘90’s during [...]

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Island JDM: Narrow-body Accords and Camrys fail to Inspire

We’re now on the backstretch of the Island JDM (yo) series. We’ve seen Nissan faux-hardtops and the Toyota/Lexus competition, and in the final installment we’ll see some of the real oddball cars of Nassau, but this installment’s dedicated to those forgotten soldiers of the mid-size wars: Nineties narrowbodies. You see, Japan has some really oddball [...]

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