2014 Jeep Cherokee: What a Departure

2014 Jeep Cherokee: What a Departure

Remember when we showed you those photos of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee like, earlier today? If you doubted they were real, doubt no more. Jeep suddenly (and without telling us) released images of the new Cherokee with a short press release.

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Fiat teases the 500X small crossover, will spawn compact Jeep SUV

Fiat teases the 500X small crossover, will spawn compact Jeep SUV

Fiat is planning to drop its 500X crossover variant early 2014 in both Europe and the U.S., and has recently revealed an unanticipated teaser. At the 500L’s media launch on July 4 in Turin, Italy, Fiat brand global director Olivier Francois debuted a full-sized 500X model as well.

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Picture of the Day: Jeep J8 Milspec

Remember the Jeep J8 Milspec? If you’ve ever had a taste for playing in the mud, odds are the super-bad ass bare-bones Jeep caught your eye. Nearly indestructible Dana 44 front axles and Dana 60 units out back, a beast towing capacity and zero thrills, this rig is built for trail duty. Until now, this [...]

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Mopar Underground Buys A Sawzall

Remember the guys from Mopar Underground? They’re the Fiends responsible for that serious SRT-10 (as in V10) Dodge Challenger that showed its mighty face not too long ago, and now they’ve turned their wrenches on two Jeep Wrangler. The first rig is the Jeep Lower Forty, and its essentially a stock Wrangler with the fenders [...]

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Domestic Bliss: AMC Javelin

It’s about time American Motors Corporation got its due here on Autofiends. The company had a lasting impact on our automotive landscape – keeping Jeep afloat for many a year and cranking out a wide selection of genuinely awesome cars. Cars like the Javelin. Built to contend with other ponies like the Ford Mustang and [...]

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Rumor Mongering: International Buys Jeep?

If you’ve got the Scout bug in your genes like me, that headline immediately conjures up visions of a resurrected bruiser. Before you let dreams of toqueing your way through the woods in your brand new Scout III dominate the rest of your work day, hear the details. There’s a batch of rumors swirling around [...]

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Video: Twin-Turbo LS1 Cherokee

You’ve gotta love the LS1. Besides making silly push-rod power, the Bow Tie block can find its way behind the headlights of almost any rig with a little cutting. It’s the hot rodders’ bread and butter, and it takes boost like a champ. The video after the jump is a true gem of do-it-yourself ingenuity. [...]

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The Truth vs. Fiends: LA Auto Show Edition

You are looking at the Jeep Renegade Concept from last year’s Detroit Auto Show. We’re not saying Detroit is dead (yet) but judging by their displays the Big 2.8 might as well be. Auto journalist after auto journalist kept repeating the same thing — it’s like a funeral at both the Chrysler and GM booths. [...]

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Jeep Cherokee

The Truth vs. Fiends: Bodies on Frames and Supa Dupa Saloons

Before I knew how to drive, I was quite into off roading. By knowing how to drive I mean heel and toe, trail braking, shuffle steering and all the other race car stuff I pretened to know about. Hey, my first car was an ’85 Pontiac Wagon — cut me a break. Anywho, I owned [...]

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Jeep EV

The Truth vs. Fiends: Electric Chrysler, Super Audi

Yo! Podcast, Day 2, coming at you now! We had a bit of what we thought was technical difficulty and what turned out to be me being dumb. So, sorry this is a bit late, but here it is! Today, “Mr. Justin” and myself discuss the three new electric Chryslers, the new supercharged Audi S4 and [...]

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Jeep-Based EarthRoamer XV-JP

In a move that has combined backwoods “I betcha” with corporate “can do,” EarthRoamer has managed to crank out the first trail rated camper, proving that mobile sleeping arrangements aren’t just for Vanagons anymore. Based on a Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon platform, the EarthRoamer has all the tricks you need to keep comfy on the move, [...]

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Fiend Find: 1962 Willys Overland Utility Wagon

If you’ve ever wondered where in the hell the SUV came from, this is it. We got to get up close to Wes Neal’s primo example this weekend while helping a fellow Fiend secure parts for his own derelict wagon. Neal lived just up the street, and came cruising by to dish out some much [...]

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Top 6 Sports-Oriented SUVs

We’re generally not fans of SUVs. They’re too slow, too heavy and they handle like a scuba tank on a boat deck. Never mind that their environmental footprint is much larger than a car’s, sport utility vehicle’s enhanced bulk will suck your wallet dry faster than my best stripper metaphor. However, there are a few [...]

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