Evolution of Focus: If Mitsubishi Goes Down, Ford Will Still Sell You An Evo

Evolution of Focus: If Mitsubishi Goes Down, Ford Will Still Sell You An Evo

Looking at the 2012 U.S. market sales, I couldn’t help but notice that Ford sold, um, a lot of vehicles—more than 2.1 million—and Mitsubishi, at just under 58,000, sold, well, not a lot. Talk about disparity. One example: Ford sold 15 times as many Focus compacts as Mitsu did of its best-selling small car, the Lancer.

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ 330 ST

Let’s keep on trucking with our forbidden fruit theme, shall we? If we all lived in Jolly Ole, we could have a crack at this sucker. It’s the latest insane iteration of the UK-only EVO X FQ 330 ST. There’s a reason behind that mix of letters and digits, namely the 330 horsepower turbo four [...]

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Top 5 Chrysler Rebadges

Word Chrysler and Fiat have finally saddled up together means we’re in for a whole new generation of rebadged goodness. The house that Hemi built is no stranger to sharing platforms. In fact, some of its best and worst models have been sourced from carmakers around the globe, and to show you what we mean, [...]

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MML Sports Launches Mitsubishi EVO X Rally Car

The WRC’s group N is a much under-loved segment of the championship. Here, cars are as close to stock as they come, sporting a few safety modifications and not much else. The rules even the playing field and force teams to rely on the quickest car straight from the manufacturer and the skill of their [...]

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Mitsubishi Rolls Out Geneva Goods

Mitsubishi pulled the sheets off of its metal at the Geneva Motor Show yesterday, including a pair of i MiEVs. Those include a prototype version of the mid-engine EV that should be pretty close to the production car due in European Dealers as soon as next year. The company also introduced a new “sport” version [...]

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The Daily Wrap

The Daily Wrap

I. Nissan released pictures of an all-new compact utility van. Called the NV-200, it’s Nissan’s attempt to get its foot in the door in the worldwide market that covers everything from utilitarian people movers to panel vans. The new Nissan has a load capacity of a half-ton, and almost seven feet of load bay. Apparently [...]

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L’Estage and Richard Win Perce Neige

The Canadian Rally Championship action has fired up in Quebec. Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard took home a victory at last weekends Perce Niege competition in their Rockstar Evo X. The home town team wasn’t initially favored for the win, especially considering L’Estage had next to zero seat time in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X [...]

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Mitsubishi Says Goodbye To Rally

If you reveled in the crazy three-way battle for supremacy between BMW, VW and Mitsubishi during this year’s Dakar Rally, we’ve got bad news for you. Mitsubishi has just announced its pulling out of next year’s competition. The move starts off Mitsu’s complete withdrawal from cross country rallying. If that’s not bad enough for you, [...]

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Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback GTS And Ralliart Confirmed

Mitsubishi just unleashed a blatant poke in Subaru’s Pleiades-speckled eyes. For a good while now, Mitsubishi has been content to let Subaru manhandle the AWD sport-hatch segment here in the states. Not no more, Fiends. Mitsubishi just confirmed the Lancer Sportback GTS and Ralliart are headed our way in a hurry — as in middle [...]

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Video: Dakar 2009 Preview

This year marks a first for the long-running Paris-Dakar Rally. For the first time since 1979, the race will be held somewhere other than the traditional route from Paris to Dakar. Starting this Saturday, teams from around the world will descend on Argentina and Chili for the 3,700 mile rally. Mitsubishi and Volkswagen are two [...]

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Fool’s Gold Twofer Tuesday: 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 … x2!

Before the Lancer became Mitsubishi’s go-to rally car, there was the Galant. And before you scoff, or assume this is just some higher-horsepower version of an otherwise boring car, consider the stats. Four-wheel steering (VR stands for Viscous-Realtime) All wheel drive A turbocharged, intercooled 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine Five speed manual The 195 horsepower was [...]

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ings +1 Mitsubishi EVO X N-Spec

If you’ve been looking for a new body kit for your EVO X, Japanese tuning house ings+1 may have just what the doctor ordered. The company has produced a new N-Spec body kit, derived from ings racing experience in the Super Taikyu racing series. That means the additions are more functional than most of the [...]

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Video: Pawel Dytko: Back Atcha Block

Alright, the video after the jump doesn’t have quite the same production value as the now-legendary Ken Block Gymkhana footage, but it’s still pretty sweet. It’s Polish driver Pawel Dytko hooning it up in an abandoned factory compound for practice before the Warsaw Barborki Rally. Dytko pilots his Mitsubishi Evo X rally car down some [...]

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South Yorkshire PD Gets Mitsubishi Evo X

OK, this is no Gallardo LP560-4, but it trumps the Carbon E7 and the PoPo ‘Stangs we saw a while back by a long shot. The South Yorkshire Police Department in the UK just took ownership of its third Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for use as a pursuit vehicle. The department already had an Evo VIII [...]

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2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback States-Bound

This is exactly the news we need to brighten the automotive landscape here in the states. Not only does it look like the Lancer Sportback is headed our way as early as 2009, but it just might come with all the bits that make the Ralliart Lancer worth hooning. How do I mean? The detectives [...]

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO FQ-400

I have to say in the STI/EVO battle, I tend to find myself on the Pleiades side. That is unless we’re talking about the FQ-400. This car is an ultra-limited edition version of the nie-unstoppable EVOX, laying down a mind boggling 405 factory ponies out of the turbo 2.0-liter. Wondering where that FQ prefix comes [...]

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Nissan And Infiniti Bail On Detroit

Detroit’s looking more and more like that awkward company party no one wants to go to. Nissan and Infiniti have joined the ranks of car makers who have no desire to go freeze their collective tails off in the land of the Big Three. That’s a real shame considering that the two essentially stole the [...]

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